Luquot Industrie: Family business with symbiosis of customer proximity and modern web shop

The success story of the French family business LUQUOT INDUSTRIE SAS, based in Morez, began back in the 1940s, when the great-grandfather of the current CEO, François Luquot, founded the company in the post-war period. Initially active in the local eyewear industry, the company then gradually expanded into neighbouring areas, consistently expanding its ranges and services and is now active throughout the Jura and beyond.

Luquot Industrie has been a member of E/D/E since the end of 2002, is an active partner in the FORMATplus sales concept and has been selling all products from the French industrial supplies catalogue for several years. Today, Luquot Industrie works almost exclusively with professional industrial customers in the field of cutting and advises and supports them professionally and individually through technically experienced sales staff.

Luquot Industrie not only attaches importance to professionalism and customer proximity but has also recently focused on the topic of digitalisation. Thanks to the recently launched online shop, Luquot Industrie not only hopes to acquire new customers, but above all to serve existing customers better and more professionally. “We know very well that our key accounts in particular definitely want to be able to place their orders via an online shop. We wanted to offer this important service to increase customer loyalty. And it’s a question of image, a question of the future, because we know very well today that it’s essential to have a high-performance website,” says François Luquot. Not least because of this new web shop, in which the complete FORMATplus catalogue is integrated, among other things, the company is gradually moving towards supplying the professional end clients of its industrial customers directly with all assortments from the eLC (electronic Logistic Center) in Wuppertal in 24/48 hours.

François Luquot adds: “With a family business like Luquot, with such a small structure as we have, to create a website like this, that’s pretty strong. I’m really proud of that!”

We at EDE International can only fully agree with this statement and congratulate the company on its modern new website.

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