Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler (Purchasing Office of German Hardware Dealers) got off the ground in 1931 with a simple, focused idea. Founder Ferdinand Trautwein was convinced at the time that within a strong community every individual can benefit. And he was right. Until today. Family-run since the beginning, the EDE Group is the link between manufacturers and specialist dealers in the Business2Business. Today, with Dr. Andreas Trautwein already in the 3rd generation.
  • Annegret Franzen

    Every market is different.
    Knowing that every market is different, we develop customised growth concepts together with our partners. We see country-specific differentiation as the basis for success in order to increase the benefits for our partners. In doing so, we weigh the synergies from bundling effects against the necessary differentiation.
  • Martin Ochelski

    Communication is vital.

    Communication is very important. Our Key Account Management team ensures the optimum support for our partners every day. Local representatives provide on-site support to our members and suppliers in their national language, thus creating the necessary trust and closeness for a successful partnership in the international markets.

  • Freek Dekkers

    Europe is diverse.

    We see country-specific differentiation as the basis for success in increasing the added value and benefits for our partners. In doing so, we weigh the synergies through bundling effects against the necessary differentiation in the country.

  • Mayte Jakstait

    Networking is the key.

    In its role as an association, EDE is the indispensable link between industry and trade. We live in a time of digital transformation, yet we strongly believe in personal contact and strive for a perfect balance between digital communication and personal approach. This ensures our goal of strengthening the business relationships between our members, our partners and contract suppliers in Europe at all levels.

Our identity

We are the European service and system provider for the B2B and are continuing to develop into an organiser and operator of networks for market-relevant supply systems for craft and industrial needs.

Our history

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