Europe-wide network: the key to success

The European Hardware Network (EHN) met in January for a partner meeting at our Dutch cooperation partner Ferney Group. In order to further expand the competence group, the representatives of the purchasing associations from all over Europe agreed on various measures. For example, more regular meetings with partner suppliers are to take place in the future.

“In today’s economic situation, it is more important than ever to join forces at the level of purchasing associations in Europe,” explains Mayte Jakstait, Business Relations and Communication Manager at EDE International. “We are firmly convinced that we can only be internationally successful if we create synergies and exchange know-how and experience with each other.” To pursue exactly this mission, the partners of the European Hardware Network, EHN for short, met in January for a two-day meeting in North Holland. The event was hosted by the Ferney Group, the largest Dutch purchasing association in the field of building hardware, tools and hardware.

The EHN is a European competence group that EDE International launched in 2022. It currently consists of seven associations that cooperate with each other on an equal footing. In the last year, the group has grown. Representatives of the organizations ASIDE and EHLIS, both from Spain, attended a partner meeting for the first time in 2024.

The EHN works with a wide range of partner suppliers based throughout Europe. The latest supplier that joint EHN is IBS Scherer GmbH, which specialises in the cleaning and maintenance of surfaces in industry. Michel Overvoorde, Sales Manager Benelux at IBS, presented not only his company but also its product range to the competence group in January. This includes, among other things, special cleaners, maintenance products and washing machines.

From the outset, the partners agreed on one point: they would like to further expand the EHN this year. For this reason, the agenda of the meeting provided for the adoption of measures to help achieve this goal. In addition to the annual partner meetings, regular meetings with the suppliers will also be intensified from now on. “On the one hand, this gives the suppliers who have recently joined the company the opportunity to introduce themselves and their range of goods,” explains Jakstait. “On the other hand, it gives us the opportunity to have ongoing feedback meetings to make the collaboration even more effective.”

Participation in various market events will also be on the agenda for the representatives of the purchasing associations in the future. The next meeting is planned for the beginning of March at the Hardware Fair in Cologne. See you in Cologne!

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