EDE International: New cooperation with French association EQIP

The aim of the new cooperation between EQIP, France’s leading construction fittings association, and EDE International AG is to utilise joint strengths and create synergies.

“When two successful organizations join forces, both sides can gain strength. We are looking forward to a long-term and trusting cooperation with EQIP,” says Annegret Franzen, Managing Director of EDE International AG. With an external turnover of around 2 billion euros, 17 member companies and 750 sales outlets in France and Belgium, EQIP is the leading association of independent distributors specialising in hardware for construction and industrial supplies. It is primarily aimed at professionals from the construction, industrial and public sectors. 

A strong partnership at eye level: EQIP has been cooperating with EBH (Euro Baubeschlag Handel AG) since 2018. The cooperation with EDE International followed on 1 November 2023. Both organisations will remain fully independent, in particular by maintaining their differentiated market presence and independent marketing activities and advertising. However, joint activities in goods procurement, logistics, purchasing and services will be successively examined. “In these areas, we can benefit from each other, learn from each other and ultimately increase profitability and achieve cost benefits on both sides,” explains Annegret Franzen.

Anne-Marie Bihel, Managing Director of EQIP, is also convinced of the potential of the new partnership: “Following the intensive negotiations, we are delighted that we can now start working with the E/D/E Group and thus achieve important purchasing advantages for our French and Belgian members. This will further consolidate our position as the leading building fittings association,” Bihel is certain. One of the next important steps on the cooperation agenda has already been finalised. An exclusive purchasing range is to be made available to EQIP members, as all of them can utilise the services of E/D/E. There are also plans to take over centralised payment for other EQIP members in the future.

One of the next important steps on the cooperation agenda has already been determined. In this way, an exclusive shopping assortment is to be made available to EQIP members, because all of them can rely on the services of the E/D/E. In the future, it is also planned to take over central regulation for other members of EQIP.

For more information, please visit: https://www.eqip.fr/

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