” Ensured Sustainability” certificate for parent company of EDE International AG

The E/D/E Group has been cooperating with the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics (Deutsches Institut für Nachhaltigkeit und Ökonomie – DINO) for several years now so that our members can take a pragmatic approach to their sustainability activities. One of the services is the ” Ensured Sustainability” certification. Since April, the parent company of EDE International AG has also been awarded this seal of approval.

“We want to set a good and positive example for our members and have therefore had ourselves certified by the DINO,” says Jennifer Träptau, Sustainability Officer at the E/D/E Group. “We are delighted to receive our second sustainability certification and are encouraged to keep at it and identify and realise further potential with regard to our sustainability activities.” 

E/D/E-Group supports its members on the path to increased sustainability in various ways with a range of services. One example of this support is the cooperation with DINO, through which members receive discounted conditions for the institute’s sustainability services.

What is the certification process?

In addition to answering questionnaires – with general criteria and criteria relating to the specific sector – DINO paid two visits to E/D/E as part of the certification process. The first was a site inspection to ensure that E/D/E fulfils its theoretical promises in practice. Secondly, the E/D/E was then examined in an audit. The key topics were: Energy, waste, water and recycling. The audit also examined how resources are used, what sustainable measures are taken and in which areas there is potential for development.

After passing the audit, the seal was awarded and a positive report will follow shortly. There will then be a re-audit after three years.

About DINO

The German Institute for Sustainability and Economy is the central awarding organisation for the ” Ensured Sustainability” seal of approval and is based in Münster. Since 1991, the institute has been supporting companies in linking their environmental, social and purely economic behaviour. DINO has over 40 freelance employees from a wide range of specialist areas. To date, the seal has been awarded to 16,000 companies in more than 200 sectors in 12 languages in Europe, Asia, North and South America and parts of South Africa.


Find out more about DINO: https://www.di-no.eu/en/

We are happy to inform you about the favourable conditions for EDE members at DINO. Please contact mayte.jakstait@ede-international.com.

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