CECOFERSA members’ trip to Lisbon from 9-12 May 2024

The annual members’ trip organised by our cooperation partner CECOFERSA took place in mid-May. This year’s destination was the charismatic city of Lisbon, Portugal. With about 135 participants, the trip was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved, including the participants from EDE International AG.

The event began on Thursday afternoon with a general meeting, which was the business kick-off. At this meeting, CECOFERSA Managing Director Javier Herrera and the staff presented, among other things, the cooperation partner’s strategic goals for the year and the wide range of services that CECOFERSA offers its members and suppliers in Spain and Portugal. The omnipresent topic of ‘growth’ took centre stage – as is well known, CECOFERSA’s company claim is ‘Crecemos Juntos’.

Herrera never tired of emphasising the strong bond with the stakeholders and shareholders, the Spanish EHLIS S.A. and EDE International AG: ‘This joint event in Lisbon is important to strengthen the loyalty of our team, our employees and our shareholders. It is an intangible value that we must continue to promote and, above all, it is a testimony to the power of teamwork, commitment and collaboration between people and companies.’

Annegret Franzen (CEO EDE International AG) was also enthusiastic: ‘As always, the organisation was first-class and we really enjoyed the days together with the entire CECOFERSA crew, our partner EHLIS and Delcredit España. In particular, the intensive exchange with the many members who travelled with us was an absolute highlight.’

Overall, the 4-day members’ trip to Lisbon was a great success. The participants returned home with many new impressions and unforgettable memories and are already looking forward to the next trip.

On behalf of EDE International, we would like to thank all participants, the management and the CECOFERSA organisation team for this wonderful time and look forward to many more shared experiences, new projects and joint growth in the future.

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