Vive la FORMAT!

The decidedly international orientation is a trademark of the E/D/E Group, which now achieves around a quarter of its trading volume in other European countries. A good example of successful market activities across borders can be found in France. There, dealers, suppliers and E/D/E are celebrating a milestone anniversary: 20 years of FORMAT France.

What began in 2002 with four pioneer dealers has developed into a strong network of 27 specialist dealers who are represented throughout France. Country Manager Eric Létot, EDE International: “Larger as well as smaller dealers benefit from the competitive advantages offered by the exclusive FORMAT trade brand and our logistics service with access to more than 100,000 articles in the eLC.” Up-to-date catalogues are indispensable for marketing, of course not only in the national language, but also adapted to the needs of the French market. EDE International uses the broad industry know-how in E/D/E to further develop the service portfolio and open up new business areas, for example with factory equipment and industrial technology. FORMATplus members, often specialists in precision tools, can thus expand their portfolio, and this also offers E/D/E contract suppliers additional marketing opportunities.

Active market development

One of the Group’s strengths lies in active market marketing: in addition to catalogues, the Group regularly launches sales promotions – so-called CHALLENGES – on various occasions such as football world championships. E/D/E also developed a brochure on the occasion of 20 years of FORMAT France, which the dealers are already marketing very successfully. Annegret Franzen, Managing Director of EDE International, knows the basis for success: “A trusting cooperation that has grown over many years, numerous personal encounters and, last but not least, support in the local language are essential from our point of view.” Catalogue training, marketplaces and network meetings in France as well as at E/D/E in Wuppertal make this possible – most recently supplemented and enriched by digital possibilities of communication. The next projects and meetings are already being planned. The story of FORMAT in France continues.

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