TED group for the cooperation day with EDE International and IGH in Wuppertal

Michele Caterino and 6 other visitors from the TED Group travelled to E/D/E Wuppertal in mid-April 2024 for an intensive exchange with Martin Ochelski (Sales Director & Key Accounts, Cooperations Italy) and his team.

In addition to a tour of the warehouse and the presentation centre, the core business areas of E/D/E and building services, including sales concepts and the expansion of the joint cooperation, were discussed. Co-operation partner IGH (Interessensgemeinschaft Haustechnik) Einkaufs- und Marketing eG was also on board and used the TED group’s visit to discuss current projects.

The TED Group is an Italian purchasing group founded in 2022 by Michele Caterino and IGH. TED stands for Thermohydraulics, Electrics and Design and aims to offer its members a service that goes far beyond “the logic of the classic purchasing group” in a constantly evolving sector of building services. The co-operation with IGH and EDE International offers the advantage of being able to access European services (also beyond building services).

Thank you for a constructive exchange and a wonderful final event together. Grazie mille per la visita!

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