Supply Chain Risk Intelligence: E/D/E Group offers orientation for future development in the EU

The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) has been in force in Germany since 2023. The law obliges companies with at least 3,000 employees (from 2024: 1,000 employees) to assume their corporate responsibility for the observance of human rights in global supply chains.

To ensure compliance with the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act (“Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz” – LkSG), E/D/E has been working with the service provider Prewave since 1 April 2023. Prewave is a supply chain due diligence law expert with a focus on Europe and a proven solution – from risk analysis to reporting to BAFA. With a mission to make supply chains transparent, Prewave uses publicly available data from local news, social media and other databases to uncover supply chains and identify risks. The AI-based software solution of the innovative Viennese provider uses machine learning and detects risks in the supply chain. It evaluates information in over 100 languages.

Cooperation with perspective for Europe

This is precisely why Prewave’s service is of great interest to EDE International. Annegret Franzen (CEO EDE International): “In this case, the German legislator has taken on a pioneering role with the introduction of the LkSG. But the topic is already receiving attention in other EU countries through various regulations. For example, the ‘Child Labour Due Diligence’ applies in the Netherlands and the ‘Loi de vigilance’ in France. The advantage of our cooperation with Prewave is clearly that we can offer our European members, cooperation partners and suppliers a strong, simple and effective solution for complying with their corporate responsibility with regard to human rights in the supply chain – even to all companies that are not yet obliged to comply with the German LkSG. This is already very important to many of our European members, cooperation partners and suppliers.”

Experts assume that the EU will not only adopt this regulation but could probably even tighten it. Prewave already offers – in addition to the LkSG – other European areas of law and, based on the current legal situation, is also constantly developing in view of future developments – the focus here is on the EU, not just Germany.

EDE International will gradually introduce the exclusive Prewave service offer to European members, partners and suppliers. If you would like to receive information now, please get in touch with your contact person at EDE International.

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