Sufficient ideas for the next 20 years

The Slovakian company Commerc Service s.r.o. decided to become a member of E/D/E several years ago. The decisive factors were strategic considerations and the desire to work more efficiently.

In 2014, Commerc Service launched an internal initiative to increase efficiency. At that time, one of the goals was to optimise its own supply chain. One result was joining E/D/E. Through membership, the company saved 14 suppliers at once – and the product range through the overall supplier led to an 18 per cent increase in turnover. The significantly reduced administrative and logistical costs played a major role in this. At the same time, quality was increased: “Since becoming a member, we can offer our customers a comprehensive supplier concept supported by a well-designed catalogue in the local language,” says Miroslav Paľo, Managing Director of Commerc Service.

Clear expectations
The company was founded in 1992 as a regional industrial supplier based in Prešov. Its business is comprehensive services and sales of torque transmission products and cutting tools. Currently, 103 employees throughout Slovakia are involved in the sale of goods and the provision of services – the sharpening and coating of cutting tools as well as various moulds and components. In the meantime, Commerc Service has become one of the leading Central European companies in the sale and production of special cutting tools.

This status is also associated with high expectations of E/D/E and its range in the main catalogue. “We see the trend towards increasing the availability of goods in the central warehouse as very positive,” assesses Miroslav Paľo. Prešov is also satisfied with E/D/E’s own brands. The importance of the FORMAT concept and the growing share of the FORTIS brand bring customers a very favourable price-performance ratio and the reliability that can be expected behind the brand.

Developing together
The company is positioning itself for the future by further strengthening its position in Slovakia and living its values. “We don’t jump on every new bandwagon, but focus on long-term cooperation and joint development with our customers,” says Miroslav Paľo.

This year, the subsidiary ProTech Service, s.r.o. celebrates its 20th anniversary. The division deals exclusively with the production of cutting tools. While in 2002 there were two manual grinding machines in operation, today the company has over 70 CNC machines. The technological equipment and the scale of production are unique. “I dare say it is probably the only one of its kind in the world,” says Miroslav Paľo, “And we have more than enough good ideas for the field for the next 20 years as well.”

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