Soon to come: „Marktplatz“ FORMATplus Slovakia & Czech Republic

At last, FORMATplus marketplace for Slovakia/Czech Republic again!

After the long dry spell since 2019, a marketplace of our FORMATplus Group Slovakia/Czech Republic will finally take place again on 11 May 2023 in Trnava, Slovakia. Around 30 suppliers from the areas of hand tools, precision tools, factory equipment, power tools, personal protective equipment (PPE)  and more, as well as 12 members from the FORMATplus country group Slovakia/Czech Republic with more than 150 participants – including selected end customers – have registered and will finally be able to meet again in May for a personal exchange at the “Marktplatz”, a trade fair specially organised by EDE International.

In addition to a social evening with an entertaining evening programme on 10 May, there will be attractive product presentations, sales training and a raffle. EDE will also have its own stand with the trade brands FORMAT, E-COLL, FORTIS PPE and the ETT BASIC dispensers. Vladimira Gimerska, Country Manager Slovakia and Czech Republic, is already full of anticipation: “Despite increasing digitalisation, there is simply no substitute for personal and professional exchange with our members and suppliers!”

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