Expansion of the long-term strategic partnership between the Haberkorn Group and the E/D/E Group in Wolfurt is sealed

The Executive Board and management of the Haberkorn Group, E/D/E GmbH and EDE International AG met in Wolfurt, Austria, for this year’s management meeting in the summer of this year. They discussed the economic developments and strategic priorities of the partners to date and, in particular, the expansion of the long-term strategic partnership.

There was agreement on all sides to continue to utilise the potential of the cooperation in the future and to further expand the joint business. Annegret Franzen (Managing Director of EDE International AG) expressed her enthusiasm: “The cooperation with Haberkorn has developed extremely successfully in recent years, both in the warehousing business and in centralised payment. In addition, we maintain very close contact in Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe and the personal relationships with the entire management are based on partnership and trust. Both the Haberkorn Group and the E/D/E Group recognise the potential in working together and the many parallels in the strategic fields.  In this respect, we are very pleased that this agreement will further consolidate and expand our strategic cooperation in the long term.”

The Austrian family-owned company Haberkorn was founded in 1932 and today, with more than 2,300 employees and over 30 locations, is one of Europe’s leading technical dealers thanks to its exponential growth.

For further info: www.haberkorn.com

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