ASIDE with new old Board of Directors

In the middle of the year, the members of the Spanish purchasing association and E/D/E cooperation partner ASIDE met in Madrid, among other things for the new election of the board. After presenting its election programme, the previous board was re-elected for the next four years with the majority of votes. It is composed of Antonio González (President), Argimiro Fernández (Vice President), Ferran Marco (Secretary) and Cira Linares (Board Member).

The agenda of the new old board will prioritise deepening the private label portfolio, expanding quantitative and qualitative growth in membership, sustainable development and digital transformation. “All of this is happening within the framework of a strategic plan that is constantly in flux. It will show where we are right now, what our environment is like, where we want to go in the short and medium term, what path we are taking and what changes we need to make,” explains Antonio Gonzáles. The cooperation between ASIDE and EDE International has existed since 2013. Annegret Franzen, Managing Director of EDE International, congratulated on the new election and looks forward to the further development of the trusting and active cooperation with the board, which has been confirmed in its function.

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