International EHN supplier meeting in Madrid

Since its foundation more than a year ago, the European Hardware Network (EHN) met for the first time at the beginning of January for an international supplier meeting in Madrid. The focus of the meeting of the pan European Competence Group, consisting of the Spanish CECOFERSA, which hosted the meeting, the Italian Consorzio Distributori Utensili (CDU), the Dutch Ferney Group, e + h Service AG from Switzerland as well as E/D/E and EDE International AG, which acts as the coordinator of the group, was a first exchange between competence partners and its suppliers.

The suppliers’ meeting took place on 11th and 12th January 2023 and was initiated by a social event the evening before and offered the total of around 30 participants sufficient time to get to know each other personally. On the second day, the meeting continued in an effective and targeted manner: each supplier had the opportunity to present his company and his products. Afterwards, suppliers and competence partners were able to deepen their discussions and find initial approaches to establishing business relationships. “This meeting is the first one in which our suppliers have also participated,” says Annegret Franzen, Managing Director at EDE International. “We would like to hold it annually from now on to stimulate exchange between new partner suppliers, competence partners and members in the field.”

The participants were happy about the face-to-face meeting and appreciated the personal exchange, after the pandemic. Federica Bonini from Dino Paoli: “We gained many new impressions here today and are excited about the European meeting. We were able to exchange ideas on current topics and future projects in person.”

EHN offers its partner suppliers access to the largest community of purchasing organisations in Europe. The clear goal of this cooperation is to expand joint activities and become more successful in all relevant markets.

Rainer Brombach is the responsible Supplier Manager at EDE International AG: “At the end of 2022, we have reached a first small milestone in the young history of ENH and have gained ten contract or partner suppliers.”

In addition to the supplier meetings, EHN works efficiently and leanly in virtual meetings. Once a year, the competence partners come together for an exchange on current market topics at a face-to-face meeting. The group is open to cooperation partners of E/D/E and the partners. “The important factor is trusting networking and joint exploitation of synergies with all suppliers and competence partners,” says Annegret Franzen.

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